Sunday services.

The first thing you will see is that South Oaks Church meets in an office center. Meeting here keeps us accessible to people who aren't so sure about church, and enables us to give more to local and global needs. South Oaks is a safe place, a place of encouragement, where you can attend and feel welcome and accepted. 

The dress is casual and worship is inspiring. You can apply the  messages to your life. South Oaks is a community of people helping each other with the questions of life and finding answers together in the Word of God. 

Inspiring worship.

At South Oaks we love to praise God with worship and singing. Our worship style is mostly contemporary with a mixture of upbeat and intimate songs. Some people clap and raise their hands, and others like to reflect quietly on the words of the songs. This is a time to encounter the presence of God and show Jesus Christ our love.

Relevant teaching.

/mediaWe believe that practical, relevant teaching is the catalyst for transformation in our lives. Scripture is our authority regarding our beliefs and a guide for Christian living. You can expect that each Sunday morning will include a time for hearing from Scripture with practical teaching and applications made to your life.

Our current series is "Stay Positive." So many things in life make it hard to be positive. Jobs, relationships and current events have caused almost an epidemic of negativity. What Biblical qualities can help us and encourage us to see things from God’s perspective? God’s word can transform us into people who see Him working in our lives.

Listen to our messages. 

Kids' Room.

Our Kids' Room for children, crawling through age 5, meets during the Sunday message. After worship, children are dismissed to the class. 

Lightly structured play and learning activities will help your child become familiar with Bible stories and faith.