Prayer Requests

Welcome to South Oaks Church's prayer wall. You may share your prayers with the community, write an anonymous prayer, share a prayer with the church leadership only, or pray for others on this page. We are family here - no one prays alone. Please share your prayers and prayer requests here with us.


Please pray for an abundance of God’s redeeming love and grace. Pray for deliverance, complete healing and freedom from depression and anger with God. Pray for breakthrough in regard to the promises God has made to my heart.


Please pray for healing of the ringing in my ears that has plagued me since 2014. It impacts my anxiety and depression. Also pray for issues with my stomach which I believe are all related. Pray that I feel His presence and know that He is always here because I feel the exact opposite, I feel very alone and abandoned.

Please pray for me

Please let us know how we can pray for you this week. You can indicate whether you want your request and personal details to be public or private at the bottom of the form. We have seen God answer prayer in many ways over the past few years.