Sunday services.

The first thing you will notice is that South Oaks Church meets in an office center. 

Meeting here keeps us accessible to people who aren't so sure about church. 

It also helps us to be able to give to local and global needs. 

  • South Oaks is a safe place, a place of encouragement, where you can feel welcome and accepted. 
  • The messages are applicable to your daily life. 
  • You can get free of negative things of the past...that cause pain and brokenness. 
  • South Oaks is a community of people encouraging each other and finding faith together in the Bible.
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Inspiring worship.

At South Oaks, we love to praise God with worship and singing. Our worship style is a mix of contemporary worship songs and hymns.

You can feel free to worship as you choose: singing, raising your hands, or just reflecting quietly on the songs. This is a time for you to encounter the presence of God and show Jesus Christ your love.

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Practical teaching.

Sunday morning includes a time for messages, about how to live out your faith, looking at  Bible passages each week.

Our current series is Revelation for the Church.  

During this series, we look at the message Jesus Christ gave the Apostle John regarding seven groups of people and the difficult life situations they faced. In our times of uncertainty today, the word to the churches of Revelation is especially relevant to us. These scriptures reassure us, they challenge us, and point the way for whatever happens in our world.


You are invited to be with us each week, for the practical advice we can learn from the Bible, and how it applies to us today.

Listen to our messages.